May 20, 2022
Which Madden NFL 22 Edition Will You Buy?

Which Madden NFL 22 Edition Will You Buy?

Madden NFL 22 is available for pre-order in three editions: Standard, MVP, and Dynasty. Pre-order bonuses and early access are included.

Madden NFL 22 is coming on August 20th. The announcement came on June 17th when the reveal event took place. The game features Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady on the cover. It was speculated that the duo will be on the cover of the 2021 editions. It all proved to be true. The NFL stars are Madden NFL 22’s frontmen. The game comes with revamped modes and new gameplay features. Pre-orders have started as well. Madden NFL 22 comes in three editions.

Madden NFL 22 Is Available in Standard, MVP, and Dynasty Edition

The Standard Madden NFL 22 edition includes the game and a few bonuses. Players get a Tom Brady gear capsule. Twenty staff points that can be used in the Franchise mode are included as well. Players will start with their general player class at level 10 in The Yard and Face of the Franchise modes. The last bonus is an NFL star of your choosing. Players will choose one of the 32 available items. This edition costs $50 or the equivalent depending on where you live. Madden NFL 22 MVP edition has Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes on the cover. This version costs $80. It has everything included in the Standard version and more. Players that opt for this version get the dual entitlement deal. This allows them to upgrade for free to the XBOX Series X or PlayStation 5 version of the game. The MVP variant also includes three days of early access during which special activities will be available. You get 40 more staff points for the Franchise mode as well. Brady or Mahomes elite items are included. Eleven Team Fantasy packs are part of the deal. Madden NFL 22 Dynasty is the most expensive edition. It is priced at $100. This version is only available as a pre-order. It has 100 staff points, 22 Fantasy Packs, and either Brady or Mahomes as Curated Legends packs. Everything else from the other two editions is, of course, included. Madden NFL 22 can be bought for PC on Steam, EA’s Origin, Google Stadia. For now, the console edition is only for XBOX One and PlayStation 4. The current-gen version will follow at a later date. If you want more info before pre-ordering, make sure to follow the Madden All Access events. You can also sign up for the Community PlayTests.

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